Revisiting Empathy

at its heart “DevOps” is about developers and operations engineers working together. DevOps is systems thinking; systems thinking values the connections between things as much as the things themselves; effective connection requires the ability to see yourself from the other’s perspective. Source: Adaptive IT — Revisiting Empathy

What blameless really means

Der schwierigste Aspekt eine “vorwurfslosen” Kultur beginnt bei einem selbst. It then occurred to me that the “blameless” part of a post-mortem doesn’t just mean that you shouldn’t blame those around you for what happened. I was blaming myself. I felt an incredible amount of guilt for not doing a better job, embarrassment for messing up, and frustration for not doing what, hours later, seemed obvious. The guilt prevented me from going back on my own and reviewing what actually happened because I didn’t really want to relive it.

The road to DevOps enlightenment

Docker style.