For your enjoyment. A laconica ec2 image based on debian etch.

ami: ami-f3ee0a9a
manifest: betaworks-laconica/2008-08-20.manifest.xml

To get up and running:

  1. Install elastic fox for firefox. Add your aws credentials.
  2. Click KeyPair tab and create a new laconica pem. Save it in $HOME/ec2-keys.
  3. Click SecurityGroups tab, highlight laconica and open the following ports to 80, 5222, 5223, 5269. Open yourip/32 to all ports.
  4. Click AMIs and Instances tab and search for laconica. Highlight the instances named betaworks-laconica/2008-08-20.manifest.xml and start an instance.
  5. Once the instance has started, right click on it and select ssh to this instance. This will hopefully open a terminal to the instance.
  6. From your home directory (/root) run ./ It will ask for your hostname and some other info used to generate a certificate.
  7. Update your hostname’s dns to point to the ec2 public hostname.

You should now have an operational laconica instance using the default template. The webserver is apache2. Jabber provided by ejabberd and electronic mail courtesy of sendmail. There is also a script provided that will back up your database to s3.

Viva la Revolucion!